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The Global Insulation Knowledge Base is an archive of Global Insulation Magazine from 2009 to 2010, Global Gypsum Magazine (including the insulation section) from 2011 to the present, the Global Insulation Directory and presentations/papers from the Global Insulation Conference since 2007.

Global Insulation was established in 2007 and has become known as the industry's foremost independent provider of information and events for the world-wide insulation industry. Global Insulation Magazine (which was merged with Global Gypsum Magazine in 2009) published news and articles on insulation technology and production advances, while the ongoing Global Insulation Conference and Exhibition continues to showcase the state-of-the-art in the global insulation industry.

The Global Insulation Knowledge Base is presented in PDF format.

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Global Gypsum Magazine 2011 - Present issue (50+ issues) (Includes Global Insulation section)

Global Insulation Magazine 2009 - 2010 (11 issues)

Global Gypsum Directory 2022 (includes Global Insulation Directory)

Global Insulation Conference presentations 2007 - Present

Note: Where a written paper has been made available by the author, the written paper is included in the Proceedings volume; when no written paper was made available, the powerpoint slides - if available - were included in the proceedings volume.


Paper 3: ‘Insulation demand, regulation and competitive dynamics,’ Yves Bromehead, Industry expert

Paper 4: ’Size does matter - in insulation foams,’ Grazyna Mitchener, Polychemtech Ltd

Paper 5: ‘If not now, then when? The time is right for energy-efficient insulation solutions,’ Andreas Guertler, EIIF

Paper 6: '100% waterproof packaging of insulation materials while reducing film and energy consumption,' Bruno Bach Jensen, Tentoma

Paper 7: 'Latest developments in aftermarket solutions boosting productivity and sustainability in cold-end insulation handling,' Morten Seeberg, Martin Valgren, Qubiqa

Paper 8: 'Stretch hooding: Flexible packaging technology for insulation products,’ Manuela Mora, Martina Pellegrino, Bocedi srl

Paper 9: 'WESP: wet electrostatic precipitator system for the removal of fine mists and aerosols,' Alessandro Gullà, AWS Corporation srl

Paper 10: ‘Use of ‘M-Rays’ for inline density or basis-weight measurement of polystyrene foam extrusion and glass-fiber based insulation wools,’ Tom Redant, Hammer-IMS

Paper 11: Presentation to be confirmed

Paper 12: 'Sustainable vacuum insulation panels using fly ash substituted core materials,’ T. Graef, Technische Universität Dortmund

Paper 13: 'Sustainable high temperature insulation material SUHITEMIN using waste silica fibre,’ Mathias Klinger, S. Krause, J., ISE– Institut für Strukturleichtbau und Energieeffizienz gGmbH,Chemnitz, Germany; Grottendieck, A. Yudin, H. Erler, M. Kilo, M. Groß, S. Matthes, H. Hessenkemper, Technische Universität Freiberg, Institut für Glas und Glastechnologie, Freiberg, Germany

Paper 14: ‘Alternative magnesium silicate sources as a lower cost raw material for MgO addition for insulation production,’ Javier Martinez, GM Minerals & Refractories

Paper 15: 'Coldins patented novel insulation system – increased living comfort and reduced cooling power demand for warm climates,’ Jari Kaasinen, Coldins

Paper 16: ‘Dual-filled thermoplastic foam composites with tailorable performance for thermal insulation,’ Meghan Lamm, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Paper 1: Knauf Insulation in Slovenia and the Knauf Insulation Experience Centre, Urbanscape solution for green roofing: Jure Šumi: Knauf Insulation

Paper 2: EPS market outlook and sustainability impact: Martin Wiesweg: IHS Markit

Paper 3: Recent advances in mineral wool fiberization research: Benjamin Bizjan: University of Ljubljana

Paper 4: A chemographic tool for optimisation of stone-wool batch recipes: Jernej Pavlič: Izoteh

Paper 5: Reducing the thermal conductivity of polymeric foams: Methodology and case studies: Cristina Saiz-Arroyo: CellMat Technologies SL.

Paper 6: Future trends in the automation of the cold end of insulation production: Anders Andersen: Qubiqa

Paper 7: Reducing environmental impact in the packaging process while improving packaging quality: Allan Detlefsen: Tentoma A/S

Paper 8: Using small scale fire tests and advanced simulation tools to improve product development, and to reduce time to market and total development costs: Dan Lauridsen: Dansk Brand- og sikringsteknisk Institut

Paper 9: Characteristics of slags generated by ArcelorMittal plants for a use as raw material in insulation production facilities / Air-cooled blast furnace (ACBF) slag - Basic oxygen furnace (BOF) slag - Electric arc furnace slag (EAF) slag: Marc Fixaris: ArcelorMittal

Paper 10: Improved flame retardant formulations and additives for styrenic and polyurethane foams to aid in recyclability: Ethel Garlaschi, Micaela Lorenzi: Greenchemicals

Paper 11: In-vitro test for bio-soluble mineral wool: Andrey Titov, TechnoNicol; Sergey Leonov: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Paper 12: Vacubäude - or how concrete can be transformed into a super-insulant: Michael Schumm: Saint-Gobain

Paper 13: Development of a new material for high temperature insulation based on silica aerogels: Stefan Peterek: Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) der RWTH Aachen


Paper 1: European and global insulation trends: Martin Wiesweg: IHS Markit

Paper 2: Multi-criteria comparison of insulation materials: Introduction by Edmar Meuwissen: EUMEPS: Daniel Savi: Büro für Umweltchemie

Paper 3: Digital tools to enhance energy efficiency potential: Andreas Guertler: EiiF - European Industrial Insulation FoundationPaper 4: Ensuring a circular economy for insulation products: Stephen Long: EUMEPS

Paper 5: Current status and future trends in the Egyptian insulation industry: Anas Nabil: Misr University of Science and Technology, Egypt

Paper 6: Innovation in insulation for the equipment Industry - Transforming PET bottles into green Insulation foams: Patrick Mathieu: Armacell

Paper 7: PolyHIPEs for enhanced thermal insulation: Benjamin Naden: PRA World Ltd

Paper 8: Commercialisation of the first PU aerogel board and a silica aerogel blanket for thermal insulation applications: Marc Fricke: Wibke Loelsberg: BASF

Paper 9: Insulation concepts and materials for an innovative ultra-high temperature latent heat energy store: Stephan Lang: University of Stuttgart

Paper 10: Nanofoams - disruptive thermal insulation materials: Grazyna Mitchener: PolyChemTech

Paper 11: Reducing environmental impact in the insulation packaging process while improving packaging quality: Henrik Raunkjaer: Tentoma A/S

Paper 12: Advancements towards submicron pore size polystyrene foams: Flavia Almeida: va-Q-tec AG

Paper 13: New methods and instruments for designing curing ovens for glass and stone wool, from Münstermann: Christian Raestrup: Sabrina Huesmann: Münstermann

Paper 14: FiberVIP’ - Process and product development of high-density thin cost-efficient vacuum-insulated glassfibre VIP for various applications: Stefan Krause: ISE Institut für Strukturleichtbau und Energieeffizienz gGmbH

Paper 15: Indirect testing methods for fire testing for insulation materials: Nurten Göz: Isidem Insulation, Turkey

Paper 16: Increased efficiency in daily quality control of insulation materials for CE-conformity: Alexander Frenzl: NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH

Paper 17: Practical results of measuring fibre diameter using diamscope: Mark Brims: BSC Electronics Pty Ltd


Paper 1: Keynote 1: Innovate like a startup in a mature industry: Diana Fisler: Johns Manville

Paper 2: Keynote 2: Automation in the insulation industry in perspective: Per Nissen: Qubiqa

Paper 3: Lessons from the Grenfell Tower disaster: Grazyna Mitchener: PolyChemTech Ltd

Paper 4: Fire safety of ETICS with EPS: Pavel Zemene: Czech EPS Association

Paper 5: Advances in reflective insulation technology: David Yarbrough: R&D Services, Inc.

Paper 6: Roofing systems lifetime assessment in Russia/CIS countries: Stanislav Shcheglov: TechnoNicol (stonewool division)

Paper 7: Automatic control of glass wool distribution: Oliver Meuter: S4-Glass GmbH: Bernd Bergmann: Fagus-GreCon Greten GmbH & Co. KG

Paper 8: Keynote 3: ‘A Kodak moment for the insulation and HVAC industry: Ryan Cekander:

Paper 9: Keynote 4: ‘Potential energy savings in Europe using insulation - First lessons from industrial energy audits: Andreas Guertler: EiiF - European Industrial Insulation Paper 10: Foam forming - potential production technology for building materials: Petri Jetsu: VTT Finland

Paper 11: How specialty lubricants can save costs in insulation material production: Uwe Scheithe: Fuchs Lubritech GmbH

Paper 12: The indirect testing method for the quality of flexible elastomeric insulating foam: Fatma Baysu: ISIDEM Insulation Turkey

Paper 13: Industrial quality assurance of insulation materials for CE marking - Optimised Lambda-measurement-processes right up to documentation and Lambda-90/90 calculation: Alexander Frenzl: Netzsch


Paper 1: Global insulation market potential: Joe Harder: OneStone Consulting SL

Paper 2: Brexit: Robert McCaffrey: Global Insulation

Paper 3: Will profit return to the EPS and XPS value chain? Martin Wiesweg: IHS Global GmbH

Paper 4: EPD preparation: Pitfalls for European harmonisation: Ulbert Hofstra: SGS Intron Certificatie B.V.

Paper 5: Seeing the unseen - disruptive new insulation materials: Grazyna Mitchener: PolyChemTech Ltd.

Paper 6: Very high performance insulations: where do they ‘fit’? Diana Fisler: Johns Manville Co.

Paper 7: Scalable process for the economical production of sub-microcellular polystyrene foams: Alexander Müller: Roland Oberhoffer, SUMTEQ GmbH

Paper 8: Advances in use of Converge CO2-based polyols for use in rigid insulation foam: Simon Waddington: Novomer Inc.

Paper 9: 3D Microwave imagery for detecting defects in mineral wool: Lionel Guiziou: MVG Industries

Paper 10: Thermal analysis of microcellular polystyrene foam as core material for evacuated insulations: Roland Caps: va-Q-tec AG

Paper 11: Intelligent Façade System: Michael Schumm: Saint-Gobain Isover

Paper 12: Renewable and sustainable nonwovens solutions: Ignacio Javier Núñez-Zorriqueta: Johns Manville Europe GmbH

Paper 13: Slentite - The new PU Aerogel panel: From idea to lab to pilot scale: Sabrina Huesmann: Muestermann; Marc Fricke: BASF


Paper 1: Overview of Turkish insulation industry; Orhan Turan; ODE Yalitim Sanayi

Paper 2: The global insulation industry: A SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats); Robert McCaffrey; Global Insulation

Paper 3: The Russian economic crisis and its influence on stone wool insulation markets in CIS and Eastern Europe; Vadim Novikov; TechnoNicol

Paper 4: The insulation market and future trends in Ukraine and former CIS countries; Volkan Ongel; Elit-Plast ltd

Paper 5: Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs): Current status and future trends; Roland Caps; Vacuum Insulation Panel Association

Paper 6: Feedstock, EPS and XPS market outlook; Martin Wiesweg; IHS Chemical

Paper 7: Comparison and development of wood-based thermal insulation materials; Tiina Pöhler; VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd; and co-authors; Petri Jetsu (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd); Lennart Salmén; Joanna Hornatowska (Innventia AB); Vincent Barraud; Alexandre Fougeron (Soprema SAS); Michael Lecourt (Institut Technologique FCBA); Rauni Seppänen; Emilia Larsson (Holmen AB)

Paper 8: Air emissions controls for insulation manufacture; Steve Jaasund; Lundberg Geoenergy

Paper 9: Challenges in high temperature insulation manufacturing equipment chain lubrication; Stefan Winkler; Fuchs Lubritech GmbH

Paper 10: Worldwide trends in styrenics and styrenics-based insulation: From micro-design comes mega-savings; Michel Cassart; Total

Paper 12: New fire barriers for EPS-based ETICS; Michael Schumm; Saint-Gobain Isover G+H AG

Paper 14: Improvements in performance of insulation foam based on Converge CO2 based polyols; Simon Waddington; Novomer Inc.

Paper 15: Organomodified siloxanes as process and performance additives for insulating materials; Markus Roos; Evonik

Paper 16: How to improve performance and add value to insulation products through facing technology; Jérémy Dutrey; Gascogne Flexible


Paper 1 The 2020 challenge in Europe: Connie Enghus: Rockwool International A/S

Paper 2 Designer insulation materials: Grazyna Mitchener:, PolyChemTech Ltd

Paper 3 Insulation - The End Game: Stephen Long: Ineos Styrenics

Paper 4 Latest trends in the European insulation sector, as seen by architects and installers: Henri Busker: USP Marketing Consultancy

Paper 5 Optimisation of compression packaging, leading to savings in distribution costs: Frederik Teisner: Qubiqa Esbjerg A/S

Paper 6 Packaging innovations for the insulation industry: Patrice Maltais: Premier Tech Cronos

Paper 7 High temperature lubricants for mineral wool manufacturing: Stefan Winkler: Fuchs Lubritech

Paper 8 CottonscopeHD: An instrument for the rapid and accurate measurement of fibre diameter distribution: Mark Brims: Cottonscope Pty Ltd

Paper 9 Chemical and technological progress is continuously enabling innovations in the construction insulation market: Gregor Haverkemper: BASF SE: Marc Fricke: BASF Polyurethanes GmbH

Paper 10 A way to cut down emissions from mineral and glass wool: Dmitry Eliseev: Himsintez Llc

Paper 11 Foam-laid formed wood-based thermal insulation materials: Petri Jetsu: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Paper 12 Excell-R technology, the sustainable result from dynamic evolution: Michel Cassart: Total

Paper 13 Insulating performance of open cell and closed cell phenolic foam insulation products: Young Cheol Kwon: Halla University, South Korea


Paper 1 Trends and developments in the construction sector in general and the insulation sector in particular: Henri Busker: USP-MC

Paper 2 Materials matter: Diana Fisler: Johns Manville

Paper 3 A look into the history and future of EPS insulation: Frantisek Vörös: Czech EPS Association

Paper 4 Fire safety of EPS ETICS: Esko Mikkola: VTT Finland: Edmar Meuwissen: EUMEPS

Paper 5 Sustainable flame retardants for polystyrene insulation foams: Kasturirangan Kannah: Chemtura Manufacturing UK Ltd

Paper 6 Multi-criteria evaluation and comparison of insulation materials: Stephen Long: Ineos Styrenics, on behalf of Plastics Europe

Paper 7 Versatile insulation with high thermal performance: Michel Cassart: Total Petrochemicals

Paper 8 Can space technology insulate our houses? Dr. Grazyna Mitchener: PolyChemTech Ltd.

Paper 10 Lambda 029 mineral wool from ISOVER - world record for an open cell insulation based on still air: Michael Schumm: Saint-Gobain Isover

Paper 11 Reverse innovation example: Designing a basic forming section for emerging markets and the influence on development patterns: Roland Fischer: Bernd Münstermann GmbH & Co. KG

Paper 12 Microwave scanner for measuring the local moisture content in mineral wool: Nicolas Doare: Microwave Vision

Paper 13 New concept in energy saving in rock wool insulation production: Theordore Lee: China National Building Materials Corp


Paper 1 Advances in building insulation: Tim Swales: Johns Manville

Paper 2 Insulation applications for buildings in Korea: Professor Young Cheol Kwon, Dept of Architecture: Halla University, South Korea

Paper 3 Mineral wool production CO2 emission, studies on its absorption aimed at obtaining useful chemicals: Roberto Massini: STM Technologies S.r.l.

Paper 4 Insulation: Meeting the legislative agenda: Stephen Long: Ineos Styrenics International SA

Paper 5 Excellent R & more: a sustainable future with foam: Nicolas Karecki: Jan Neelen and Michel Cassart: Total Refining & Chemicals

Paper 6 Impact of latest Russian legislation on stone wool market in Russia: Vadim Novikov: TechnoNICOL

Paper 7 High performance EPS insulation materials - the potential of melt impregnation processes: Domenico Disimino: Sian Fennessey: Sulzer Chemtech Ltd

Paper 8 From manual to automated operation - from idea to patented machine: Per Nissen: Qubiqa: Ayhan Gökbag: ODE YALITIM A.S.

Paper 9 High Performance Automation: Beate Altmann, AMV AS: Uffe Sass-Petersen: BILA A/S

Paper 10 EPS Silver Insujet technology for enhanced loose fill cavity wall insulation: Dr. Ing. G. Rauniyar: Ineos Styrenics Technology

Paper 11 Phase change materials in combination with existing insulation for a superior thermal performance of building walls: Mario Medina: University of Kansas

Paper 12 The fabrication process and the properties of styrofoam-like inorganic silica foam for high temperature insulation: Sun Uk Kim: RIST (Research Institute of Science & Technology, South Korea)

Paper 13 Wet spot detection on continuous insulation production line: Hervé Lattard: Lionel Guiziou: Régis Linsolas: SATIMO

Paper 14 Fire safety in renovation: Eerik Lundmark: Paroc Group Oy

Paper 15 Russian and European INS resins - market development and needs: Andrey Berestennikov: MetaDynea


Paper 0 Global Insulation Overview: Robert McCaffrey: Global Insulation

Paper 1 Uncertainty in thermal analyses: James Garry: Red Core Consulting

Paper 2 Biofoam Insulation: Is it a Real Possibility?: Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya: NRCC

Paper 3 Advantages of Calcium Aluminate Cement as a Cementitious Binder: Doug Ostrander: Calucem

Paper 4 An introduction to RIMA-I: Bobby Byrd: RIMA-I

Paper 5 Reflective insulations - internationally: David Yarbrough: R&D Services, Inc.

Paper 6 Reflective Insulation for Ductwork and Piping: Michael Joyce: R&D Services, Inc.

Paper 7 Radiant Barriers in North America: Mario Medina: University of Kansas

Paper 8 Advanced Concept-Reflective Insulation: David Yarborough: R&D Services, Inc.

Paper 9 Wet Electrostatic Precipitator for Insulation Production Emission Control: Roberto Massini: STM Technologies Srl

Paper 10 Causes and Prevention of Corrosion on the Interior Surface of Metal Jacketing Used on Mechanical Insulation: Jim Young: Insulation Systems

Paper 11 Packaging technologies for the insulation market: FranÁois Kirouac: Premier Tech Chronos

Paper 12 Commissioning of two stone wool production lines in Russian Federation: Janko Sink: Izoteh d.o.o.

Paper 13 Thermal insulation building nergy needs- Walter Reiter- EPS Molders Association


Paper 1 Is Formaldehyde in Your Building Insulation Future?: Tim Swales: Johns Manville

Paper 2 Cold End Equipment - Optimisation of Existing Lines: Jan Waltersdorph Knoblauch: Seelen

Paper 3 Who will 33,000 architects house this year? Ian Abley: CICE

Paper 4 Industrial Insulation  a good but forgotten technology: Andreas G¸rtler: European Industrial Insulation Foundation

Paper 5 Actual EPS Insulation Projects in the Czech Republic: Frantisek Voros: Czech EPS Association

Paper 6 The Effect of Moisture on the Compressive Strength and Walkability of Roofing Insulation: Nico Hendriks: BDA Test Institute

Paper 7 EPS and low energy buildings: EUMEPS

Paper 8 Building a sustainable tomorrow- Insulation using EPS Silver Polymer: Govind Rauniyar: Ineos Nova

Paper 9 A New Envelope with High Energy-Efficient Insulation: Luis Alonso: UPM

Paper 10 Styrenics insulation Improving energy efficiency from production to application: Nicolas Karecki: Total Petrochemicals

Paper 11 Flexible Insulation Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry: Mark Swift: Armacell

Paper 12 Construction Insulation: Death or Glory: Tim Hall: Total Flow Ltd


Paper 1 Insulation - The Ultimate Sustainable Product Tim Swales: Johns Manville

Paper 2 Inorganic insulation products, certified for biological buildings: Konrad Martiny: Wallmost srl

Paper 3 Fire performance of external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) in buildings: I. Kotthoff: MFPA

Paper 4: Sustainable Buildings- Legislation and Insulation: Stephen Long: EUMEPS

Paper 5 Sustainable Building: EPS Insulation and the role of the National Association in the Czech Republic: Pavel Zemene: Czech EPS Association

Paper 6 Gas Fired Cupola Furnace - Test Phase To Industrial Production: Bernd Fenner: Grenzebach BSH GmbH

Paper 7 Cost reduction in warehousing and logistics: Bent Hansen: Simflow System

Paper 8 Light weight Insulating Material prepared from Rice Husks: Inamullah Bhatti: Mehran University

Paper 9 Wood and waste paper fibre as an alternative insulation material: Christoph Habighorst: Genezebach BSH GmbH

Paper 10 Reflective Insulation  Addressing the energy efficiency challenge: Keith Anderson: Air-Cell Insulation

Paper 11 Paper 11 Vacuum Insulation Panels toward k=1mW per m-K: Tae-Ho Song: KAIST

Paper 12 EPS in civil engineering applications- product properties and performance requirements connected: Hans Tepper: Stybenex


Paper 1 Insulation - A punter's experience: Robert McCaffrey

Paper 2 What outlook for insulation players in a more challenging environment?: Nicolas Godet: Exane BNP Paribas

Paper 3 INSULATION + PLASTERBOARD Is there a case for the merger? Terry Pavlopoulos: Construction Knowledge Ltd

Paper 4 Thermal Insulation in Europe 2008 - Development and Trends: Konrad Holubek: Interconnection Consulting

Paper 5 Meeting Fire Safety Standards: Rinus Sjerps: Albemarle

Paper 6 Higher thermal performance and more space from thinner insulations: Ian Abley: CICE

Paper 7 Optimising the Insulation manufacturing process with non-nuclear on-line measurement and control: Tan Srinivasan: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Paper 8 On-Line Microwave Vision for Quality Control and Process Improvement: Per Noren: SATIMO

Paper 9 Rockwool Sound Insulation Systems: Rockwool

Paper 10 Buildings to Cities: Evolution in the Insulation Market: Kimberly Howard: Owens Corning

Paper 11 Expanding into a Sustainable Future: Stephen Long: EUMEPS

Paper 12 TehnoNICOL: Development Perspectives: TechnoNicol

Paper 13 Marine application - A new high performing insulant: Sylvain Berger: Saint-Gobain Insulation

Paper 14 Long-Term Thermal Resistance of Closed-Cell Foam Insulation: Research Update from Canada: Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya: NRCC

Paper 15 Water repellence - optimize insulation materials: Daniel Schildbach: Wacker Silicones

Paper 16 Thermal insulation coatings and corrosion controls: Timothy Cappel: Superior Products International

Paper 17 Thermo Cellular Reflective Insulation - A Globally Developing Segment: Scott Gibson: Air-Cell Innovations Pty Ltd

Paper 18 Seismic isolation of earth-retaining structures using EPS geofoam compressible inclusions: George Athanasopoulos: University of Patras


Paper 0 Global Insulation - Materials, Companies, Markets and Trends: Nino Manchino: Global Insulation

Paper 1 Chinese insulation Industry: Wang Lihe: CNBM International Corporation

Paper 2 Insulation and Building Physics (relevant to Growing Economics in the Tropics; N. Srinivas: Lloyds Insulations India Ltd

Paper 3 Changing Perspectives on the Fire Performance of Buildings: Stephen Long: EUMEPS

Paper 4 EN standard 14933 for EPS in civil engineering applications: Hans Tepper: Managing Director Dutch EPS association

Paper 5 EPS Loose-fill cavity wall insulation (EPS Silver!" Polymer): Govind Rauniyar: Ineos Nova Technology

Paper 6 Flexible Aerogel Blanket, A Step Change in Thermal Management & Energy Conservation: Alexandre Taquet: Aspen Aerogels Germany

Paper 7 FOAMGLASÆ insulation: Axel Rebel: Deutsche FOAMGLAS GmbH

Paper 8 Advanced on-line gauging system adds value to Insulation manufacturing: Tan Srinivasan: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Paper 9 Shaping more efficiency out of your cold-end: Axel Manoe Jepsen: Seelen

Paper 10 The Modern binding systems for mineral wool based thermo insulation: Sergey Kanashov: TechnoNicol

Paper 11 Simflow