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The Global Gypsum Knowledge Base is an archive of Global Gypsum Magazine since 2007, the Global Gypsum Directory and presentations/papers from the Global Gypsum Conference since 2007.

Global Gypsum is well-known as the foremost source of information for the global gypsum industry. Global Gypsum Magazine has published all the news available on the industry for more than a decade, as well as including articles on market developments, country reports and technical articles on production advances.

The Global Gypsum Directory is the only directory to include all of the world's gypsum wallboard plants, as well as their production capacity and contact details. The directory also includes contact details of many of the world's foremost equipment and additive suppliers for the global gypsum industry.

The Global Gypsum Conference annually showcases developments in the global gypsum industry, not only in market trends, but also in production and technology advances. The event is the 'must-attend' conference and exhibition for all gypsum professionals.

The Global Gypsum Knowledge Base is presented in PDF format.

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Global Gypsum Magazine April 2007 - Current issue (Over 75 issues)

Global Gypsum Directory 2022

Global Gypsum Conference Presentations 2007 - 2022


Paper 1: 'Welcome and opening remarks,' Jörg Ertle, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Etex; President, Eurogypsum

Paper 2: 'Gypsum in the European Green Deal: Challenges and opportunities,' Tristan Suffys, Eurogypsum

Paper 3: ‘Outlook for the global plasterboard market,’ Joe Harder, OneStone Consulting

Paper 4: 'Crude gypsum and wallboard production in the United States, from Alpha through Omicron,’ Rob Crangle, USGS

Paper 5: 'What’s new in Gypsum Technology?’ Jeff Warren, Mark Flumiani, GypTech

Paper 6: 'Alternative thermal energy generation and energetic optimisation of the calcination process,' Peer Hannecke, Claudius Peters Projects GmbH

Paper 7: 'Efficient grinding, drying and calcining of gypsum in Pfeiffer vertical mills,' Andreas Schieler, Gebr. Pfeiffer

Paper 8: ‘How a Lutze natural rubber setting/forming belt improves the final gypsumboard product,’ Sebastian Scholl, Lutze International Europe GmbH & Co. KG

Paper 9: 'The reality of weight distribution – benefits of the GreCon gypsum board scale with high-resolution cross profiling,’ Philipp Kunkel, Fagus-GreCon Greten GmbH & Co. KG

Paper 10: ’Saving the planet - one gypsum board dryer at a time,’ Oskar Jonsson, Niklas Johansson, Gyptech Europe

Paper 11: 'Non-contact board laser measurement for quality, process and environmental improvements,’ Bo Johansson, LIMAB AB

Paper 12: ''Megatrend Greening': One major step forward to reach the climate targets of the gypsum industry,’ Dennis Schattauer, Grenzebach BSH GmbH

Paper 13: 'Automation downstream of the stacker – the latest competitive battlefield,’ Mark Degroote, JBTC

Paper 14: 'New continuous system for the production of gypsum panels,' Rosy Scodro, Piero Rizzi, Comec s.r.l.

Paper 15: 'DuraCore 303 setting new standards for fire rating: less is more,' Dany De Kock, Johns Manville

Paper 16: 'Next generation papers’ Tomás Vivot, Alier

Paper 17: 'Driving construction market transformation towards gypsum sheathing with functionalised non-woven glass mat,’ David Appelfeld, Lucie Fraichard, Owens Corning

Paper 18: ‘Saving resources with modern superplasticizer concepts,’ Markus Mueller, Sika Services AG

Paper 19: ‘When recycling gypsum, what about the additives?’ Christian Pritzel, University of Siegen


Paper 1: Global trends in the gypsum industry: Joe Harder: OneStone Consulting

Paper 2: Industry trends: Rob Morrow: Innogyps

Paper 3: The status and future of the gypsum board industry in China: Hongxia Chen (author) and Shawn Xu (speaker): BNBM PLC

Paper 4: The era of cheap natural gas and its impact on gypsum consumption in the US: Rob Crangle: industry expert

Paper 5: How Industry 4.0 will look in the gypsum industry: Leonid Friedmann: Claudius Peters

Paper 6: Cost, weight and energy: A gypsum product and process wish list: Mark Flumiani: Gyptech

Paper 7: Moisture and density profile measurement for the plasterboard production process: Tim Collath: TEWS Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

Paper 8: Gypsum plasterboard production – improvements and developments in foam generator and wet-dosage system: Eray Kaan Kiliç: MMM ERBA Makina

Paper 9: Back to basics - Into the future: Essential measurements for quality, productivity and profitability in the current gypsum production environment: Jeff Warren: Gyptech

Paper 10: Testing and differentiating fibre distribution for gypsum boards: Dany De Kock: Johns Manville

Paper 11: Impact of urbanisation on the biocide industry: Eleonora Chernyshova: Lanxess Deutschland GmbH

Paper 12: Enhancing the performance of gypsum-based dry mortars with renewable potato-based starch rheology modifiers: Anna Marie Dijk-van Delden: Avebe

Paper 14: Increasing the efficiency and lifetime of a rotary calcliner combustion chamber: A case study: Fevzi Aker: Erisim Makina

Paper 15: MPS GC mills – New application potential for grinding and calcining of 100% FGD and plasterboard recycling: Viktor Zerr: Gebr. Pfeiffer SE

Paper 16: Key technology for preparation of α-hemihydrate gypsum from phosphogypsum: Xing Meng, Liyu Yang (authors) and Liyu Yang (speaker): Jiangsu Efful Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Paper 17: A kinetic and mechanistic study into the transformation of calcium sulfate hemihydrate to dihydrate: Sebastian Gurgul, Gareth Williams: UCL: Gabriel Seng: Etex


Paper 1: Alexa, where’s my gypsum? AI in the building materials industry: Dirk Schlemper: Inform Software

Paper 2: Global market trends in gypsum supply and demand to 2028: Robert Grupe, associate consultant: Smithers Apex

Paper 3: The Merger of Titans: A perspective on the takeover of USG by Knauf: Robert Morrow: Innogyps

Paper 4: Where has all the gypsum gone? Maarten Hendriks: New West Gypsum Recycling

Paper 5: From commodity gypsum to consumer product and onwards to outer space: Mark Flumiani: Gyptech

Paper 6: Considerations on the calcination, stabilisation and cooling of stucco: Alfred Brosig: consultant

Paper 7: Alpha-gypsum produced using waste CaCl2 in China: Zhibao Li, Institute of Process Engineering: Chinese Academy of Sciences

Paper 8: Understanding soluble anhydrite: Jeff Warren: Gyptech

Paper 9: Gebr. Pfeiffer R4C – compact gypsum calcining solutions, integrated plants for wall stucco and/or wallboard production: Viktor Zerr: Gebr. Pfeiffer

Paper 10: The planning of brownfield plants by use of 3D laser-scanning technology: Ryan Hogan: Claudius Peters Americas

Paper 11: A tiny change for maximum gain: How knives could be the key to exceeding your Continuous Improvement targets, increasing output, reducing bottlenecks and improving your bottom line: Nick Wright: Fernite of Sheffield Ltd.

Paper 12: The three root causes of poor material discharge and bin hang-ups with natural, synthetic and recycled gypsum: Case studies from Syncrude and USG: Jamil Bundalli: Kamengo

Paper 13: Understanding centrifugal fans for maximum performance in gypsum plant dedusting systems: Luis J. Castano: IAC

Paper 14: Clean dosing and filling to save resources: Michael Mestekemper: Haver & Boecker

Paper 15: Development of robust evaluation methodology for improved fibreglass processing: How to mimic and evaluate glass fibres for wallboard applications: Reggie Buckley: Owens Corning

Paper 16: Efficient paper machine for light weight and high strength plasterboard liner: Wijai Homsakmongkol: SCG-Paper Packaging

Paper 17: Evaluation of gypsum casts by Digital Image Correlation (DIC) when exposed to temperatures >500°C: Dick Engbrecht, Ph.D.

Paper 18: Cleantech values in dosing and weighing in gypsum drymix plants: Mika Lehtonen: Lahti Precision


Paper 1: The European policy agenda for gypsum-based construction solutions: Christine Marlet: Eurogypsum

Paper 2: The economic impact of a gypsum factory: Robert Morrow: Innogyps

Paper 3: 100 years of gypsum prices in the US: Rob Crangle: USGS

Paper 4: Raw gypsum processing: Oliver Pralle: Haver Niagara

Paper 5: The differences between synthetic gypsum and natural gypsum to be considered when selecting and designing pneumatic conveying systems: Steve Becker: Schenck Process UK Ltd

Paper 6: Understanding stucco conditioning: Jeff Warren: Gyptech

Paper 7: Two-step calcining system: Peer Hannecke: Claudius Peters Projects GmbH

Paper 8: Raymond planetary roller mill for grinding, drying and calcining FGD and natural gypsum: Michael Chen: Arvos Raymond Bartlett Snow LLC

Paper 9: Comprehensive solutions for gypsum grinding and calcining - Latin America contract commissioned: Viktor Zerr: Gebr. Pfeiffer

Paper 10: Why use DuraCore glass in your gypsum process? Dany De Kock: Johns Manville

Paper 11: Glass non-woven helps gypsum boards to increase market penetration in lightweight construction: Rachel Marcon: Owens Corning

Paper 12: Air heating systems for wallboard dryers: Ivan Sigfrid: Gyptech

Paper 13: The new PacPal palletizer: Bernd Luebbert: Claudius Peters Projects GmbH

Paper 14: Reducing the shrinkage behaviour of glass fibre reinforced plasterboards by use of special clay blends to improve fire resistance: Matthias Schellhorn: Ralf Diedel, Stephan Schmidt KG

Paper 15: The influence of additives on the morphology of gypsum and its technical properties: Christian Pritzel: Institut für Bau- und Werkstoffchemie, Universität Siegen

Paper 16: Insight into the effects of sodium dicarboxylates on the crystal habit of alpha-calcium sulfate hemihydrate: Yongbo Tang: Southeast University of China


Paper 1: Gypsum brands in the Thai market: Supachai Hirunyanitiwana:, Gypman Tech Company ltd

Paper 2: From a gypsum manufacturer: The implementation of Lean Six Sigma: Chris Lawson: SVP Corporate Excellence, USG Corporation

Paper 3: Transportation challenges affecting global gypsum markets: Rob Crangle: US Geological Survey

Paper 4: Globalisation of lightweight gypsum board products: Mark Flumiani: Innogyps

Paper 5: An update on the development of the gypsum industry in China: Luoyi Xu: Director: Gypsum Association of China Building Materials Federation

Paper 6: Gypsum industry in Iran: Farshid Eskandari: Tandis Alborz Gypsum Company

Paper 7: So, you’ve decided to build a gypsum factory. Now what? Robert Morrow: Innogyps

Paper 8: Enhanced gypsum products through the ‘Give Me Five Method (5kg/m2 of gypsum board) to obtain a fast penetration in South America’s non-board, traditional market: Marcelo Pereira: Aswell S.A.

Paper 9: Transforming the Asia-Pacific building market with glass – delivering superior performance to gypsum boards: James Lyon: Owens Corning

Paper 10: The secrets behind DuraCore glass for gypsum products: Dany De Kock: Johns Manville

Paper 11: Improving strength of lightweight gypsum board by using of modified tapioca starch: Worachard Chawanasporn: SMS Corporation

Paper 12: Research on the preparation of high strength gypsum plaster using industrial by-product gypsum as raw materials: Jiawei Chen: Jiangsu EFFUL science and Technology Co., Ltd

Paper 13: Conveying and storage solutions for natural (rock) and synthetic gypsum: 90 years of experience: Nikolai Velten: AUMUND

Paper 14: From quarrying to recycling - Screening in the gypsum life-cycle: Oliver Pralle: Haver & Boecker

Paper 15: Gypsum treatment with Pfeiffer technology for better plaster properties: Robert Schnatz: Gebr. Pfeiffer

Paper 16: Achieving and maintaining high accuracy and reliability in dry material feeding: Steve Becker: Schenck Process

Paper 17: Controlling gypsum set times: More than additives: Markus Müller: Sika Services AG

Paper 18: Using calorimetry to evaluate set modifiers: Jeff Warren: Gyptech

Paper 19: The changing demands on forming belts in gypsum wallboard production: Neil Woolliscroft: Derco

Paper 20: What to do with an ageing dryer: Ivan Sigfrid: Gyptech

Paper 21: TIP900 – Wallboard Monitoring with automated defect detection - the latest technology for gypsum wallboards: Enrico Drews: Raytek GmbH

Paper 22: Increasing energy efficiency at gypsum and gypsum wallboard plants with gas turbine cogeneration: Anshuman Pandey: OPRA Turbines B.V.


Paper 1 Global gypsum industry overview: Peter Edwards: Global Gypsum

Paper 2 The gypsum industry and climate change: Bob Bruce: The Nugyp Corp.

Paper 3 SWOT analysis of the global gypsum industry: Robert McCaffrey: Global Gypsum

Paper 4 Who is the 'real' customer? Robert Morrow: Innogyps

Paper 5 Current status and future trends in the Iranian gypsum industry: Nikzad Oraee: Khorasan Gypsum Ltd

Paper 6 How glass is delivering performance to gypsum boards: Geoffrey Wilson: Owens Corning

Paper 7 The use of microsilica in fire-resistant gypsum board: Gerry Brown: Elkem

Paper 8 Starch use in gypsum: Past, present and future: Ronny Velicogna: Archer Daniels Midland

Paper 9 Modernising speech privacy in commercial buildings with sound-damping gypsum wallboard: Ben Shafer: Pabco Gypsum

Paper 10 Set retarders for gypsum spray plaster based on gluconates – lab and applications test results regarding the replacement of (L)-tartaric acid: Felix Weiher: Jungbunzlauer Ladenburg GmbH: Dirk Lenz: Jungbunzlauer International, Basel: Stefan Koelbig: Jungbunzlauer Ladenburg GmbH: Hans-Bertram Fischer: Bauhaus-Universität Weimar: Andreas Hecker: Bauhaus-Universität Weimar: Ulrich Kothe: CASEA GmbH

Paper 11 Challenges in high temperature board dryer chain lubrication: Stefan Winkler: FuchsLubritech

Paper 12 Using combustion systems programs to drive safety, efficiency and reliability in the wallboard industry: Lessons learned from multi-year corporate programs: Mark Kampe: CEC Combustion Safety

Paper 13 Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs): Driving efficiency in warehouse and manufacturing: Brian Keiger: Grenzebach

Paper 14 Understanding and using moisture analysis of plaster in gypsum board manufacturing: Jeff Warren: Gyptech

Paper 15 Calcining of gypsum with Pfeiffer equipment: Eckhard Sander: Gebr. Pfeiffer

Paper 16 New efficient automatic grinding pressure adjustment for gypsum: Volker Goecke: Claudius Peters Projects GmbH

Paper 17 Case study: Increased energy efficiency at gypsum factories by cogeneration with OPRA gas turbines: Anshuman Pandey: OPRA Turbines

Paper 18 Big Bag filling and palletising system in the gypsum industry: Bernd Lübbert: Claudius Peters Projects GmbH


Paper 1 Gypsum to gypsum - First steps towards a circular gypsum economy: Christine Marlet: Eurogypsum

Paper 2 The Germany gypsum recycling concept: Dr Jörg Demmich, chairman of the environmental board of the Germany Gypsum Association

Paper 3 Supply of gypsum to industry in the context of the 'energy turnaround' in Europe Holger Alwast, Prognos AG - European Centre for Economic Research and Strategy Advice

Paper 4 Gypsum supply chain matters: Robert Morrow: Innogyps

Paper 5 Gypsum - A lifetime passion: From phosphogypsum to alpha-hemihydrate processing: Alfred Brosig, independent consultant

Paper 6 Nova Scotia's natural gypsum resources and opportunities for exporting value-added products from Eastern Canada: Patrick Whiteway: Government of Nova Scotia

Paper 7 Gypsum plaster: A French tradition named Plaster of Paris: Samuel Lalaque: Gupsos

Paper 8 Value-added plasterboard products: Hans-Ulrich Hummel: Knauf Gips KG

Paper 9 A new theory to explain gypsum hardening, and why gypsum hardness decreases in the presence of moisture: Christian Pritzel: Institut für Bau- und Werkstoffchemie, Universität Siegen

Paper 10 Understanding and using thermal set analysis: Jeffrey Warren: Gyptech

Paper 11 Grémound non-tectonic systems: The gypsum revolution in construction industry: László Hajdu, Grémound: Bernd Rudolph: Grenzebach

Paper 12 Grenzebach trends in drying and new applications: Christoph Habighorst: Grenzebach BSH GmbH

Paper 13 The use of styrene maleic anhydride co-polymers as a dispersing agent for wax emulsions to improve hydrophobicity in gypsum boards: Daniela Ribezzo: Polyscope Polymers BV

Paper 14 Novel additive for water-resistant ready-mix wallboard joint compound: Amba Ayambem: Henry Company

Paper 15 New functionality for gypsum panels: moving glass from the outside to the inside: Jan Coerts: Owens Corning

Paper 16 Anhydrite outdoors: Innovative new applications: Luca Plakopitis, Fluorsid S.p.A.

Paper 17 The application of fuel and air ratio controls for combustion systems: Technical considerations for gypsum wallboard manufacturing: Dustin Neumann: Neumann Process Control, Inc.

Paper 18 Specialty lubricants for plasterboard manufacturing: Klaus Holz: Fuchs Lubritech

Paper 19 Gypsum quality - My experience: Jim Turner: Innogyps

Paper 20 Plasterboard waste in: 100% recycled gypsum and paper out: Henrik Lund-Nielsen: Gypsum Recycling International


Paper 1: The gypsum industry in 2014 - Challenges and opportunities: Robert Morrow: Innogyps

Paper 2: Current status of the global gypsum industry: Companies and markets: Robert McCaffrey: Global Gypsum

Paper 3: Disruptive innovation in gypsum: Bob Bruce: Innogyps

Paper 4: Roskill's global market outlook for gypsum to 2018: Kerry Satterthwaite: Roskill

Paper 6: Problems in multiphase gypsum based dry mortars formulation: Aleks Eremin: Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU), Scientific-Research Institute of Construction Materials and Technology (SRI CM&T)

Paper 7: Wave technologies in production of gypsum materials: Prof. Andrey Pustovgara: Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU), Scientific-Research Institute of Construction Materials and Technology (SRI CM&T)

Paper 8: Gyptech Stucco Analyser: The new essential tool: Jeffrey Warren: Gypsum Technologies Inc.

Paper 9: Maximising plant energy efficiency: An analytical approach to prioritising and implementing energy-saving initiatives: Dustin Neumann: Neumann Process Control, Inc.

Paper 10: Importance of consistent unwinding in gypsum board production: Michael Sellers: M. Torres - Paper Division

Paper 11: Gypsum-based levelling compounds – Increasing the utility of alternative gypsum sources: Anna Thomé: Akzo Nobel Chemicals AG

Paper 12: Challenges with clay-contaminated stuccos: Michael Schinabeck: BASF Construction Polymers GmbH

Paper 13: Bag packaging solutions: Filling of well-known valve bags vs. FFS bags and its advantages: Markus Lackmann: Haver Filling Systems, Inc.

Paper 11 Automatic camera systems for on-line surface quality monitoring in wallboard production: Tor Gustavsen: Argos SolutionsPaper 12 Improving the water resistance of gypsum drymix applications: Daniel Schildbach: Wacker Chemie AG

Paper 13 Interaction between admixtures in plasterboard production: Maurizio Bellotto: Giovanni Bozzetto S.p.A.

Paper 14 Gypsum-based construction materials – How to protect against microbes: Dr. Wolfgang Lindner, Technical Director for Asia: Troy Corporation

Paper 15 Investigation of the hydration process of calcium sulphate hemihydrate by ESEM and other methods: Christian Pritzel: University of Siegen

Paper 16 Study of the relationship between particle size distribution, setting times, water demand, and compressive strength in gypsum plaster: Ebrahim Najafi Kani: Semnan University

Paper 17 Modern bagging technology for gypsum powders and mixtures: Engelbert Koess: Haver & Boecker OHG

Paper 18 Palletless packing for gypsum plaster: Sebahattin Akbas: Möllers

Paper 19 The evolution of moisture measurement in the gypsum board manufacturing process: Colin Hanson: Sensortech


Paper 1 Growth is inevitable, but how will the global business evolve?: Bob Bruce: Innogyps

Paper 2 Historic and possible future trends in synthetic gyspum use in the US: Rob Crangle: US Geological Survey

Paper 3 Seven mega-trends in the global gypsum industry: Robert McCaffrey: Global Gypsum

Paper 4 Manufacturing gypsum board – What we do, Why we do it and How can it be improved?: Mark Flumiani: Innogyps

Paper 5 Challenges in setting up gypsum plasterboard plants – an overview: Dilip Kumar Borah: Gypsemna Company

Paper 6 Incorporating environmental best management practices in gypsum plant design and retrofit: Mark Shafer: Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani LLC

Paper 7 How to comply with legislation for the gypsum industry and reduce operating costs of your filter system: Volker Schmitz: PCME Ltd

Paper 8 Innovative gypsum processing at Gips AD Koshava: Lars Roettger: Claudius Peters

Paper 9 Thermoplastic innovation - the future?: Neil Woolliscroft: Derco

Paper 10 A safe and ergonomical method for handling and packaging plasterboards at high speed: Christian Fliss: Jürgens Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG


Paper 1 Global Gypsum Evolution - Turbulent times continue and the gypsum industry is evolving as expected. What lies ahead?: Bob Bruce: Innogyps Inc.

Paper 2 Trends in U.S. gypsum consumption - An update: Rob Crangle: U.S. Geological Survey

Paper 3 Recycled wallboard markets: Terry Weaver: USA Gypsum

Paper 4 Wallboard dryer operational strategies - Emphasizing quality in a low volume market: Dustin Neumann: Neumann Process Control Inc.

Paper 5 How to conduct a wallboard plant symphony - Make sure you play in harmony: Ryan Holbird: Grenzebach

Paper 6 New non-contact - laser-based gauge for measuring length and speed of gypsum board: Stuart Manser: Beta LaserMike

Paper 7 Packing machines for gypsum: Bernd Lübbert: Claudius Peters Projects GmbH

Paper 8 Situation update on US EPA proposal to regulate coal combustion residuals: Michael Gardner: Gypsum Association

Paper 10 Formaldehyde free naphthalene sulfonic polymers as liquefiers for the production of plasterboards: Maurizio Bellotto: Giovanni Bozzetto S.p.A.

Paper 11 Influencing the core structure of gypsum wallboards through the use of additives: Michael Schinabeck: BASF Construction Polymers GmbH

Paper 12 Controlling set times during gypsum board production: Advanced additive solutions: Marcus Müller: Sika Services AG

Paper 13 High mechanical strength gypsum: Danilo C. Moreira: Inovamat Inovação em Materiais Ltda

Paper 14 Synthetic wax emulsion - creative breakthrough: Nitsa Galili: Pazkar

Paper 15 Gypsum for sculpture: Randy Zieber: Neolithic Stone


Paper 1 Global gypsum megatrends: Does the past predict the future?: Bob Bruce: Innogyps

Paper 2 Production and international trade trends in the global gypsum industry: Rob Crangle: U.S. Geological Survey

Paper 3 The status and development trend of the gypsum board industry in China: Xu Shengyong: BNBM

Paper 4 European long-term trends in recycled gypsum usage: Henrik Lund-Nielsen: Gypsum Recycling International

Paper 5 The cooling and stabilisation of calcined gypsum: Alfred Brosig: Grenzebach

Paper 6 The NuGyp LoCal process: Charlie Blow: NuGyp Corporation

Paper 7 Novel rheological modifiers: Dennis Mahoney: Henry Company

Paper 8 New dispersants for gypsum wallboards: Michael Bräu: BASF

Paper 9 Latest generation of PCE fluidizers for gypsum application: Olivier Malbault: Chryso

Paper 10 EH&S impact of common MR additive technologies in gypsum wallboard: Mark Adams: Henry Company

Paper 11 Influence of the gypsum raw material on the performance of PCE-based HRWRA during gypsum board production: Markus Müller: Sika Services AG

Paper 12 New approaches to increase water resistance of gypsum-based building materials: Thomas Aberle: Elotex AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals

Paper 13 Foaming agents for use in gypsum wallboard: Lawrence Munie: Stepan Company

Paper 14 Controlling set time and rheology - pH to the rescue: Ian Wilkes: Freeform Construction Ltd

Paper 15 In situ optical microscopy and in situ ultra sonic measurements for quality assurance in gypsum plants: Christian Pritzel: University of Siegen

Paper 16 On-line monitoring and optimisation of abatement system operations to reduce operating costs and minimise particulate emissions to air: Volker Schmitz: PCME ltd UK

Paper 17 Handling and storage of FGD gypsum at a cement plant in Slovenia as well as at the British Gypsum plant in Yorkshire: André Tissen: Aumund

Paper 18 Bed storage and blending applied to gypsum: Simon Wintz: Claudius Peters Technologies S.A.

Paper 19 The use of live bottom feeders in the gypsum wallboard industry: Richard Steele: JC Steele & Co

Paper 20 Cost-efficient and sustainable packaging of gypsum with Billerud's QuickFill: Mikael Peterson: Billerud


Paper 1 How and when is this mess going to end?: Bob Bruce: Innogyps Inc

Paper 2 Latest market trends in the global gypsum industry: Joe Harder: OneStone Consulting

Paper 3 Current status of the Brazilian gypsum industry: Sindusgesso: Brazilian Gypsum Association of Pernambuco State (in Portuguese)

Paper 4 The challenges to the drywall market in Brazil: Gunter Leitner: Brazilian Association of Plasterboard Manufacturers

Paper 5 CAT Scan of gypsum board: Mark Flumiani: Innogyps Inc

Paper 6 Quality optimisation using board sensing systems: Stefan Jerrelid: Limab

Paper 7 CNBM's FGD production line technology: Energy-efficiency and environmental considerations: Zhang Chengong: BNBM PLC: part of CNBM

Paper 8 The Claudius Peters Homogenizer - cost cutting plaster technology: Henrik Wetegrove: Claudius Peters Projects GmbH

Paper 9 Green products for green boards - Operational aspects in using wax emulsions: Eli Shachaf: NESTECK

Paper 10 New method for making calciumsulfate alpha-hemihydrate: Alfred Brosig: Grenzebach BSH

Paper 11 Manufacturing gypsum wallboard using solar power: Rod MacGregor: CleanBoard: Inc.

Paper 12 New technology that will change the industry forever: Charlie Blow: CasoFour Ltd

Paper 13 Hopper and silo design for gypsum: Jürgen Bäumer: WTW Americas

Paper 14 Case study St. Gobain (British Gypsum) Synthetic Gypsum Intake and Storage: Ingo Dietzold: Aumund

Paper 15 Fundamentals of gypsum storage and handling: What you need to know: Francisco Cabrejos: Jenike & Johanson Inc.

Paper 16 How an emerging plaster glass walling system and improved calcining technology can stimulate profit for the gypsum industry: Greg Rice: Rapid Building Systems Pty Ltd

Paper 17 Ultra low NOx and CO combustion systems which minimize fuel usage - at the same time: Mike Fenton: Aecometric Corporation


Paper 1 Global gypsum industry evolution to 2025: Bob Bruce: Innogyps

Paper 2 Short-term trends and long-term strategies for global gypsum companies: Nicolas Godet: Exane BNP Paribas

Paper 3 Development of market & capacity of gypsum board in the Middle East: Isabel Knauf: Knauf A.S.

Paper 4 Assessing Iranian gypsum exports: Abdoulkarim Esmaeili: Sadaf Gypsum Company

Paper 5 Operating results of Pfeiffer gypsum calcining plants: York Reichardt: Gebr. Pfeiffer

Paper 6 The benefits of gravimetric feeding of additives in the wallboard Industry: Kevin Storey: Schenck Process UK

Paper 7 Fluidcon - The efficient way of pneumatic conveying: Claus-Jürgen Wetzlar: Claudius Peters

Paper 8 Conveying and storage solutions for gypsum: Bruce Field: Aumund

Paper 9 What's new in water reduction?: Charlie Blow BTech: CasoFour Ltd.

Paper 10 Geochemistry of Iraqi gypsum deposits: Abdul-Mutalib Hasson Al-Marsoumi: Basrah University

Paper 11 Investment proposal by Shen Concern: Yervand Hovhannisyan: Shen Concern

Paper 12 Recycling of plasterboard waste - from 'nice to have' to necessity: Henrik Lund-Nielsen: Gypsum Recycling.

Paper 13 Achieving best practice and sustainable development in gypsum mining and processing: Geoffrey Oldroyd: G C Oldroyd & Associates Pty Ltd

Paper 14 VIDIS - Visual Diagnostics System: Per Nissen: Seelen

Paper 15 Mould-resistant gypsum wallboard - Technology and application: Don Love: Dow Biocides

Paper 16 Gypsum Precast Technology - A structural solution: Geoff Wyett: GulfWalling FZCO

Paper 17 Teaming with archeologists to reconstitute ancient gypsum mortars - European and Dubai case studies: Marc Potin: Platre

Paper 18 Latest filtration technologies for the gypsum industry to help meet increased production requirements with existing dust collectors: Fadi Moussa: GE Energy Environmental Services


Paper 1 Address of welcome and brief introduction on gypsum building materials industry in China: Dr Xu Yongmo: China Building Materials Industries Association (paper)

Paper 2 Advances in gypsum research and application in China: Professor Yue Wenhai: Wuhan University of Technology (in Chinese)

Paper 3 Development of technology and equipment of gypsum board in China: Terry Hu: CNBM International Corporation

Paper 4 Setting up a machinery manufacturing business in China: Tao Wang: Grenzebach

Paper 5 Survival Economics 2008: Bob Bruce: Innogyps

Paper 7 Economics of gypsum production in Iran: Abdoulkarim Esmaeili: Sadaf Gypsum Company

Paper 8 Announcement of BOR company borogypsum plant in far eastern Russia: Vladislav Pepchuk: RGRK holding company

Paper 9 Calcining and producing plaster with OneStep: Shi Hong: Energy Saving Equipment Company (in Chinese)

Paper 10 WTW engineering - Handling of sticky bulk materials: Michael Gramling: WTW Group

Paper 11 Meeting today's requirements with yesterday's equipment: Daniel Du: GE Energy

Paper 12 If aerospace companies designed dryers: Ryan Holbird: Grenzebach Corporation

Paper 13 Experience in gypsum recycling on three continents: Henrik Lund-Nielsen: Gypsum Recycling International A/S

Paper 14 Process of continuous alpha-gypsum production: Wang Yongchang: Shanxi North Gypsum Co. (in Chinese)

Paper 15 Failure mechanism studies of nail pull test for gypsum wallboard: Lance Wang: Johns Manville

Paper 16 EasyOn: Stretch hooding of gypsum boards for storage: Per Nissen: Seelen A/S

Paper 17 Measurement tools to detect various types of flaws in gypsum board production: Christer Olofsson: LIMAB AB

Paper 18 Development of fluidized calcination technology for gypsum-FC multi-chamber calcinator: Li Yushan: Pingyi Kaiyuan New Building Materials Co.: Ltd (in Chinese)

Paper 19 An introduction to Rapidwall: Cui Xia: Rapid Building Systems Pty. Ltd

Paper 20 New applications for sprayed gypsum plaster for high-specification projects: Marc Potin: Platre