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Global Future Cement Conference 2019 DVD

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The Global Future Cement Conference 2019 DVD presents video, presentations and proceedings from the 2nd Global Future Cement Conference and Exhibition that took place on 22 - 23 May 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

The DVD contains:

-- Video files for the presentations given at the conference (MP4 format, 720p resolution)

-- Proceedings for the conference, including the full programme, exhibitor information and delegate lists (PDF format)

-- Slides from each presentation (PDF format)

Please note that after successful purchase we will send customers the files from the DVD via file transfer

The following presentations are included on the conference DVD:

Paper 1: Technology roadmap: low-carbon transition in the cement industry, Peter Levi, International Energy Agency

Paper 2: The role of the cement and concrete industry towards sustainability, Claude Loréa, Global Cement and Concrete Association

Paper 3: HeidelbergCement’s strategy and implementation examples to stay in line with Paris-agreements, Jan Theulen, HeidelbergCement

Paper 4: The global cement industry in 2050, Robert McCaffrey, Global Cement

Paper 5: EU Climate strategies and targets, Mette Koefoed Quinn, Head of ETS Implementation and IT Unit of the Director General for Climate Action (DG CLIMA), European Commission

Paper 6: Carbon emission cost implications for the cement industry in a decarbonising Europe, Trevor Sikorski, Energy Aspects

Paper 8: Renewable carbon testing for the cement industry, Haley Gershon, Beta Analytic

Paper 9: New clinker and cement production schemes, Albrecht Wolter, Technical University of Clausthal

Paper 10: Ecoefficient cement: realistic options for reducing the environmental impact of cementitious materials, Karen Scrivener, EPFL, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Paper 11: European cement industry: current status and future trends, Koen Coppenholle, Cembureau

Paper 12: Futurecem - a low-CO2 cement, tested at full-scale in the Danish Green Concrete II Project, Stefano Zampaletta, Cementir Holding S.p.A.

Paper 13: LC3: a breakthrough for the cement industry - financial analysis and CO2 impact, Anne Dekeukelaere, Cementis

Paper 14: Low CO2 cements by partial replacement with calcined clays or glasses - insights from solid-state NMR, Jørgen Skibsted, Aarhus University Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO)

Paper 15: Reduction of CO2 through optimisation of cement packaging, Guido Neu, Haver & Boecker

Paper 16: The cement industry’s approach towards carbon capture, Martin Schneider, European Cement Research Academy

Paper 17: The LEILAC project: demonstrating a novel carbon capture process, Daniel Rennie, Calix Ltd

Paper 18: NICE: the New International Carbon Economy, Philippe Fonta, SCRUM-Consult

Paper 19: Concrene - the graphene reinforced concrete, Dimitar Dimov, Concrene

Paper 20: Cement plant CO2 capture for downstream utilisation in ready mixed concrete production, Sean Monkman, CarbonCure Technologies

Paper 21: Grey2green - heading for the sustainable cement plant, Luc Rudowski, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG