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Global Gypsum & Insulation Conference Pack 2023

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The Global Gypsum & Insulation Conference Pack 2023 includes the video, presentations and proceedings from the 21st Global Gypsum and 16th Global Insulation Conferences that took place on 9 - 10 November 2023 in Chicago, US.

The Conference Pack contains:

-- Video files for all presentations given at the conference (MP4 format, 720p resolution, see below for missing recordings)

-- Proceedings for the conference, including the full programme, exhibitor information and delegate lists (PDF format)

-- Slides from each presentation (PDF format) - APART FROM PAPER 1

Please note: Slides and proceedings are downloadable immediately after purchase. The video file will be sent to you by file transfer during UK office hours.

The following presentations were given at the conference:

Paper 1: Gypsum/Insulation: 'US gypsum and insulation industry: from building products manufacturers to solution providers - How to capture growth?,' Yassine Touahri, OnField Investment Research [PAPER NOT AVAILABLE]

Paper 2: Gypsum: 'Family values, numbers, dinosaurs, environment & gypsum,' Maarten Hendriks, New West Gypsum Recycling

Paper 3: Gypsum: 'Towards climate neutrality with gypsum: The European industry roadmap,' Jörg Ertle (Eurogypsum/Etex), Tristan Suffys (Eurogypsum)

Paper 4: Gypsum: 'Developing and expanding recovery and end markets for recycled gypsum drywall in North America,’ Terry Weaver, USA Gypsum/Construction and Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA)

Paper 5: Gypsum: 'Gypsum Supply – Past – Present - Future,’ Robert Morrow, Innogyps

Paper 6: Insulation/Gypsum: 'The Digital Twin: how it benefits our customers today and how it will develop in the future,’ Anders Andersen, Morten L. Seeberg, Qubiqa

Paper 7: Gypsum/Insulation: 'AGVs: The ultimate solution to supercharge gypsum board and insulation manufacturing,' Richard Caron, Bill Poust, JBT

Paper 8: Gypsum/Insulation: 'Electrification and decarbonisation of thermal processes in gypsum manufacturing,' Tim Bruewer, Watlow

Paper 9: Gypsum/Insulation: ‘Wallboard plant baghouse modernisation for reliability and performance with a reduced workforce,’ Luis Castano, IAC

Paper 10: Gypsum/Insulation: ‘Zero-energy conveyor-belt dust collection system,’ Thorsten Koth, Wilfried Dünnwald, Scrapetec

Paper 11: Gypsum: ‘The Grenzebach Ultra High-Efficiency Dryer for gypsum,’ Dennis Schattauer, Grenzebach

Paper 12: Gypsum: 'Universal grinding and calcining system for natural gypsum, synthetic gypsum and waste wallboard,' Michael Chen, Schenck Process LLC

Paper 13: Gypsum: 'Optimising post-calcination processes – It is more important than ever!' Jeff Warren, Mark Flumiani, GypTech

Paper 14: Gypsum: 'Handling recycled gypsum: The three root causes of poor material discharge and bin hang-ups,’ Derek Vaile, Kamengo

Paper 15: Gypsum: 'Advantages of the Gebr. Pfeiffer vertical roller mill in handling abrasive materials,’ Andreas Schieler, Gebr. Pfeiffer

Paper 16: Gypsum: 'Beyond maintenance in gypsum plants – always one step ahead covering customer needs,' Stefan Welti, Claudius Peters Projects GmbH

Paper 17: Insulation: 'Electric furnace technology – working solutions for mineral wool production,' Mark Giese, Tenova

Paper 18: Insulation: ’The Grenzebach electric melting furnace for mineral wool,’ Dennis Schattauer, Grenzebach

Paper 19: Insulation: 'Flexible wood fiber insulation batts – Properties use and production process,’ Karl Aicher, Sebastian Hohmann, Grenzebach

Paper 20: Insulation: 'Optimised material distribution with the help of different measuring methods,’ Philipp Kunkel, Fagus-GreCon Greten GmbH & Co. KG

Paper 21: Insulation: ‘Measurement of fiber micromechanical properties to optimise mineral melt composition,’ Benjamin Bizjan, University of Ljubljana

Paper 22: Gypsum: ‘Key features and benefits of rubber forming belts,’ Peter Antolin, Trelleborg Slovenija d.o.o.

Paper 23: Gypsum: 'Next generation of in-line surface inspection of gypsum boards,' Bo Johansson, Limab

Paper 24: Gypsum: 'Innovation for the production of gypsum panels moulded on moulding belts by continuous gypsum casting,' Rosy Scodro and Piero Rizzi, Comec SRL

Paper 25: Gypsum: 'Controlling microbial growth in joint compounds,' Griselle Montanez, Lanxess

Paper 26: Gypsum: 'Schrödinger’s Stucco – Getting better data – From collection and handling to measurement and analysis,' Jacob Heubeck, GypTech

Paper 27: Insulation: ‘Unlocking the value of high-performance, non-flammable insulation across multiple markets,' Frank Yang, Arthur Yang, Liatris Inc

Paper 28: Insulation: 'Sustainable design impacts on insulation suppliers,' Jan Bradford, Fi-Foil Company, Inc.

Paper 29: Gypsum/Insulation: 'Six-sided packaging of plasterboards, panels and insulation materials – 100% waterproof,' Johnnie Erichsen, Tentoma

Paper 30: Insulation/Gypsum: 'Stretch hooding flexible packaging technology,' Martina Pellegrino, Bocedi SRL