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Global Gypsum & Insulation Conference Pack 2022

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The Global Gypsum & Insulation Conference Pack 2022 includes the video, presentations and proceedings from the 20th Global Gypsum and 15th Global Insulation Conferences that took place on 2 - 3 November 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal..

The Conference Pack contains:

-- Video files for most presentations given at the conference (MP4 format, 720p resolution, see below for missing recordings)

-- Proceedings for the conference, including the full programme, exhibitor information and delegate lists (PDF format)

-- Slides from each presentation (PDF format)

Please note: Slides and proceedings are downloadable immediately after purchase. The video file will be sent to you by file transfer during UK office hours.

The following presentations were given at the conference:


Paper 1: 'Welcome and opening remarks,' Jörg Ertle, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Etex; President, Eurogypsum

Paper 2: 'Gypsum in the European Green Deal: Challenges and opportunities,' Tristan Suffys, Eurogypsum

Paper 3: ‘Outlook for the global plasterboard market,’ Joe Harder, OneStone Consulting

Paper 4: 'Crude gypsum and wallboard production in the United States, from Alpha through Omicron,’ Rob Crangle, USGS

Paper 5: 'What’s new in Gypsum Technology?’ Jeff Warren, Mark Flumiani, GypTech

Paper 6: 'Alternative thermal energy generation and energetic optimisation of the calcination process,' Peer Hannecke, Claudius Peters Projects GmbH

Paper 7: 'Efficient grinding, drying and calcining of gypsum in Pfeiffer vertical mills,' Andreas Schieler, Gebr. Pfeiffer

Paper 8: ‘How a Lutze natural rubber setting/forming belt improves the final gypsumboard product,’ Sebastian Scholl, Lutze International Europe GmbH & Co. KG

Paper 9: 'The reality of weight distribution – benefits of the GreCon gypsum board scale with high-resolution cross profiling,’ Philipp Kunkel, Fagus-GreCon Greten GmbH & Co. KG

Paper 10: ’Saving the planet - one gypsum board dryer at a time,’ Oskar Jonsson, Niklas Johansson, Gyptech Europe

Paper 11: 'Non-contact board laser measurement for quality, process and environmental improvements,’ Bo Johansson, LIMAB AB

Paper 12: ''Megatrend Greening': One major step forward to reach the climate targets of the gypsum industry,’ Dennis Schattauer, Grenzebach BSH GmbH

Paper 13: 'Automation downstream of the stacker – the latest competitive battlefield,’ Mark Degroote, JBTC

Paper 14: 'New continuous system for the production of gypsum panels,' Rosy Scodro, Piero Rizzi, Comec s.r.l.

Paper 15: 'DuraCore 303 setting new standards for fire rating: less is more,' Dany De Kock, Johns Manville

Paper 16: 'Next generation papers’ Tomás Vivot, Alier (INCOMPLETE VIDEO RECORDING AVAILABLE)

Paper 17: 'Driving construction market transformation towards gypsum sheathing with functionalised non-woven glass mat,’ David Appelfeld, Lucie Fraichard, Owens Corning

Paper 18: ‘Saving resources with modern superplasticizer concepts,’ Markus Mueller, Sika Services AG

Paper 19: ‘When recycling gypsum, what about the additives?’ Christian Pritzel, University of Siegen

ADDITIONAL: 'An update on how the global cement industry is secretly changing before our eyes' Robert McCaffrey, Global Gypsum


Paper 3: ‘Insulation demand, regulation and competitive dynamics,’ Yves Bromehead, Industry expert

Paper 4: ’Size does matter - in insulation foams,’ Grazyna Mitchener, Polychemtech Ltd

Paper 5: ‘If not now, then when? The time is right for energy-efficient insulation solutions,’ Andreas Guertler, EIIF (NO VIDEO RECORDING AVAILABLE)

Paper 6: '100% waterproof packaging of insulation materials while reducing film and energy consumption,' Bruno Bach Jensen, Tentoma (NO VIDEO RECORDING AVAILABLE)

Paper 7: 'Latest developments in aftermarket solutions boosting productivity and sustainability in cold-end insulation handling,' Morten Seeberg, Martin Valgren, Qubiqa

Paper 8: 'Stretch hooding: Flexible packaging technology for insulation products,’ Manuela Mora, Martina Pellegrino, Bocedi srl

Paper 9: 'WESP: wet electrostatic precipitator system for the removal of fine mists and aerosols,' Alessandro Gullà, AWS Corporation srl

Paper 10: ‘Use of ‘M-Rays’ for inline density or basis-weight measurement of polystyrene foam extrusion and glass-fiber based insulation wools,’ Tom Redant, Hammer-IMS

Paper 11: Presentation to be confirmed

Paper 12: 'Sustainable vacuum insulation panels using fly ash substituted core materials,’ T. Graef, Technische Universität Dortmund

Paper 13: 'Sustainable high temperature insulation material SUHITEMIN using waste silica fibre,’ Mathias Klinger, S. Krause, J., ISE– Institut für Strukturleichtbau und Energieeffizienz gGmbH,Chemnitz, Germany; Grottendieck, A. Yudin, H. Erler, M. Kilo, M. Groß, S. Matthes, H. Hessenkemper, Technische Universität Freiberg, Institut für Glas und Glastechnologie, Freiberg, Germany

Paper 14: ‘Alternative magnesium silicate sources as a lower cost raw material for MgO addition for insulation production,’ Javier Martinez, GM Minerals & Refractories (NO VIDEO RECORDING AVAILABLE)

Paper 15: 'Coldins patented novel insulation system – increased living comfort and reduced cooling power demand for warm climates,’ Jari Kaasinen, Coldins

Paper 16: ‘Dual-filled thermoplastic foam composites with tailorable performance for thermal insulation,’ Meghan Lamm, Oak Ridge National Laboratory