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Global CemCCUS Conference Pack 2024

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The Global CemCCUS Conference Pack 2024 includes the video, presentations and proceedings from the Global CemCCUS Conference & Exhibition that took place on 14 - 15 May 2024 in Oslo, Norway.

The Conference Pack contains:

-- Video files for most presentations given at the conference (MP4 format, 720p resolution, see below for missing recordings))

-- Proceedings for the conference, including the full programme, exhibitor information and delegate lists (PDF format)

-- Slides from each presentation (PDF format)

Please note: Slides and proceedings are downloadable immediately after purchase. The video file will be sent to you by file transfer during UK office hours.

The following presentations are included in the pack:

Paper 1: Global overview of cement industry CCUS progress, Devika Wattal, Global Cement and Concrete Association

Paper 2: CCUS in Europe: the regulatory framework for a successful roll-out, Emmanuel Brutin, Cembureau

Paper 3: Keynote presentation, Christian Preuss and Marvin Kieckhoefel, Technology & Partnerships, Heidelberg Materials

Paper 4: Overview of cement and lime CCUS/CSS projects in Europe and worldwide, Joe Harder, OneStone Consulting

Paper 5: The current CCUS situation in the Chinese cement industry, and likely future trends, Gu Zhiwei, CBMI /CNBM

Paper 6: Will EUA prices stay under Euro100/t? The short- and long-term outlook for carbon pricing, Ben Lee, Energy Aspects

Paper 7: ‘Cement industry process optimisations required before contemplating carbon capture, Stéphane Poellaer, Alterline

Paper 8: ‘CCUS options for the cement industry - Oxyfuel combustion, Ca-looping, and direct separation of process CO2, Simon Knitter, IKN GmbH

Paper 9: Tailoring cement production for carbon capture, David Jayanth, FLSmidth

Paper 10: Using Gore filtration products to optimise gas pre-treatment for carbon capture, Monaca McNall (presenter), Chris Polizzi, John Knotts, WL Gore

Paper 11: Compressors for CO2 capture in the cement and lime industry – how compressor selection drives project economics and plant concept, Lukas Biyikli, Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co. KG

Paper 12: Advanced heat integration solutions for carbon capture in the cement industry, Monika Nikolaisen, Aker Carbon Capture Norway AS

Paper 13: Carbon Upcycling’s CCU technology for valorising industrial byproducts and sequestering CO2 to produce enhanced SCMs, Madison Savilow, Carbon Upcycling

Paper 14 Capsol’s cost-competitive potassium carbonate-based carbon capture technology for the cement and lime industries, Cato Christiansen, Capsol Technologies ASA

Paper 15: Cement flue gas carbon capture economics with membranes and comparison to solvents, Nic Renard, Ardent (formerly Compact Membrane Systems)

Paper 16: Nuada’s MOF-based VPSA carbon capture technology – Enabling cement decarbonisation with an ultra-energy efficient solution, Stratos Stavrakakis, Nuada

Paper 17: Accelerated Carbonation Technology in the treatment of cement by-pass dust; the LCA/EPD and Carbon Credits associated with the direct capture of CO2 from the flue stack of a cement plant, Aaron Lyons, Carbon8

Paper 18: Decarbonising cement: Leilac at full commercial scale - a new techno-economic analysis, Tom Hills, Leilac

Paper 19: ’The actual total cost of cement industry CCUS, John Kline, Kline Consulting

Paper 20: ‘Project finance (sponsor funded, grant-based and traditional commercial project finance) for sole source and multi-source generators of CO2, Rob Jutson, Griffin Capital

Paper 21: Final Keynote: CCS case study - Brevik cement plant, Anders Petersen, Senior Project Manager Brevik CCS, Heidelberg Materials